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By Jean Rabe

ISBN-10: 1560760486

ISBN-13: 9781560760481

Proceed your travel of the Ravens Bluff crusade atmosphere, the brightest spot at the Dragon succeed in. become aware of extra new companies, personalities, and officers.

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When Thurgh reaches maturity, he likely will stand 16’ tall. Thurgh is a reserve member of the Sandmen and shares a large wagon with Joshua and Castron the storyteller. He enjoys the company of Castron because he likes to listen to stories. He also likes to frequent the wagon workshop of G’Ned Klax, much to the unhappiness of G’Ned. Castron Salizar 6th Level Male Half Elf Illusionist STR: 12 INT: 17 WIS: 16 DEX: 17 CON: 12 CHA: 16 AC Normal: 4 AC Rear: 7 Hit Points: 20 Alignment: Chaotic Good Languages: Common, Elvish, Thorass, Hill Giant, Halfling, Gnomish Weapon Proficiencies: Staff, daggar Nonweapon Proficiencies: Herbalism (15), artistic ability (storytelling) (16), carpentry (12), spellcraft (15), tailor (16) Magic Item: Ring of protection +3, flying carpet Spells/day: 4 2 2 plus one illusion per spell level Spell Books Level 1 Spells Audible Glamer* Change Self Spook Cantrip* Phantasmal Force* Ventriloquism Level 2 Spells Blindness Fool’s Gold Glitterdust Blur Hypnotic Pattern Improved Phantasmal Force* Level 3 Spells Illusionary Script Spectral Force* Phantom Steed Wraithform * indicates spells Castron usually memorizes to help with his performance.

Flame has her customers sit in a comfortable reclining chair, while she sits on a small wooden stool to work on them. A portrait of a heavily armored black man fighting a gynosphinx hangs on the wall of her studio. She painted this several years ago, and despite numerous offers for it, she has not been able to part with it. Also in the studio is a comfortable sofa that will fit up to three humans. She lets people who are waiting to be tattooed sit there. Inside her residence is a large red and gold rug that is old and damaged.

A small window where the sky changes from night to day. Flame’s studio is in the back of her wagon, and she always opens it during circus hours so the public can watch her apply tattoos; this helps to increase her business. The wagon is painted red with gold trim. A sign on top of it is lit by a continual light spell and reads: Living Tattoos by Flame. The doors to the wagon are large, big enough to allow humans to comfortably fit through. A curtain of amber glass beads separates her living quarters from her studio.

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