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The current selection of seventeen papers, such a lot of them already released in foreign philosophical journals, offers either with concerns within the philosophy of good judgment, the philosophy of arithmetic, the philosophy of language and epistemology. the 1st half includes serious tests and slightly deviant renderings of the paintings of 2 seminal philosophers, Frege and Husserl, in addition to of the younger Carnap and Kripke. the second one half comprises analyses of significant concerns within the philosophy of good judgment, the philosophy of arithmetic and semantics, together with arguments on behalf of Platonism within the philosophy of arithmetic, a safety of second-order common sense, a brand new definition of analyticity, a comic strip of a semantics for mathematical statements and a critique of Kripke's attainable global semantics for modal good judgment.

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44 Grundgesetze der Arithmetik I, §§3 and 10, and especially the footnote to §10, where he explicitly rejects his former and Sluga's rendering of Principle V. g. his The Interpretation of Frege's Philosophy, 1981, pp. 402 and 532. 46 See his Gottlob Frege, p. Haaparanta and J. , Frege Synthesized, pp. 47-64, especially pp. 60-61. 42 38 ‘Über Sinn und Bedeutung’ and Grundgesetze der Arithmetik, the statements ‘The morning star is a planet’ and ‘The evening star is a planet’ express different thoughts, since the expressions ‘the morning star’ and ‘the evening star’ have different senses.

This exemplary clear classification of judgement contents allows for the possibility of synthetic a priori judgement contents, that is, those that are based exclusively on general laws but such that not all those laws are logical laws. The recognition of that Kantian distinction 1 Begriffsschrift, p. IX. Ibid. 3 Ibid. 4 Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik, §3. 2 23 does not imply any sort of Kantianism in Frege, in a similar fashion as the recognition of Kripke’s distinction5 between the pairs (necessity/contingency) and (a priori/a posteriori) does not entail any belief in Kripke’s thesis that strict proper names are rigid designators and that identity statements between those presumed rigid designators are examples of necessary a posteriori statements.

See p. 11. 46 whereas Frege was a mathematical and logical Platonist, (ii) Kant believed that logic was not capable of any further development, whereas Frege revolutionized logic, (iii) due to his myopic conception of logic, Kant believed that mathematics and logic were disciplines of very different nature, whereas Frege was a logicist and wanted to derive arithmetic (and basically the whole of non-geometrical mathematics) from logic, (iv) Kant believed that there were twelve fundamental a priori concepts, the categories basically extracted from traditional logic, that played a decisive role in our a priori knowledge of mathematics and the fundamental principles of physics, whereas Frege did not believe in such ancient mythology, and (v) Frege stressed the importance of a symbolic language in order to avoid the inadequacies and pitfalls of natural language, whereas Kant had no special concern with the importance of a critical stance with respect to natural language.

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